Super Bowl = Super Expensive

Scalping might be taking place with Super Bowl tickets in Indianapolis this year, but the real scalping is taking place at the hotels and motels in the Indianapolis area. You can book a “special” on Expedia at a “cheap” 1 star motel called the Knights Inn by the airport for $725 per night! Downtown hotels which normally retail for $250 per night were being sold for $5,000 per night.   If your doing the math, hotels and motels for Super Bowl weekend are going for 20 times face value.

The face value of the cheapest Super Bowl tickets this year is $600. The cheapest 2012 Super Bowl tickets are currently going for $2,352 per ticket or four times face value. Ticket scalpers always take a bad rap, but I’d love to see someone calling Marriott, Hilton, and the Knights Inn on their own carpet.

The hotel chains aren’t the only ones raising prices in Indianapolis over Super Bowl weekend. Car rental companies are gauging fans as well. A full-size SUV will run you $1,500 per DAY at Hertz or should we say “Hurts”.

If you have $5,000 per night to spend on your hotel room and $1,500 per day for your SUV on Super Bowl weekend, you probably can drop a half a million dollars to invite your top 35 friends to join you in a luxury suite for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl adds are also in the Super Expensive category. The average 2012 Super Bowl add costs $3.5 million, up $500K from last year. A prime time 30 second add for the 2012 Super Bowl went for $4 million.

The Super Bowl Lesson – if you come, bring your Visa, Master Card, American Express, AND Discover Card…

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