OKC NBA Finals tickets in short supply

NBA Finals tickets are three times more expensive in Oklahoma City compared to Miami. The Miami Heat boost South Beach and all the expensive glamor, the real prime locations are back at OKC in Chesapeake Energy Arena. There are currently 2,484 NBA Finals game 4 tickets listed for resell on Stubhub with cheapest tickets listed for $176. Game 4 will be played at American Airlines Arena in Miami. Contrast those prices with game 6 back in Oklahoma City. Stubhub currently has 740 NBA finals tickets for game 6 with the lowest price currently at $578.

NBA finals court side tickets located in rows 12-17 for game four in Miami have resold between $1,350-$2,000 per ticket. The same amount of money will buy you a baseline ticket back in OKC for game 6. Upper level seats behind the basket are being resold between $165-$250 for game 4 in Miami while Thunder fans are paying between $500-$700 for comparable seats.

Why the disparity in NBA Finals ticket prices? While Miami might bring in high rollers to South Beach, Miami Heat fans are not big spenders when it comes to watching the playoffs compared to other NBA teams. Typically teams located near beaches (ie Florida), carry a population base that is passionate about other recreational activities and less likely to drop as money on a basketball game like rabid Thunder fans. Last year, NBA Finals ticket prices were 2-3 times more expensive in Dallas compared to games played in Miami.

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