Chicago Bears Football Tickets Overpriced – now Tumbling!

Chicago Bears ticket scalpers are finding minimal success in moving football tickets for the anticipated showdown this Sunday. With prices initially starting out at $500 each for nosebleed seats, ticket demand has yet to take a dent out of ticket supply. If you are thinking about buying football tickets for the epic showdown, wait until Friday and Saturday (1-20 update – maybe the scalpers have been reading this article and have started to panic, prices have really started to fall now and are in the low $300′s so as you see good bargains, snatch them up knowing you saved 40%). By then ticket scalpers will continuously drop their prices to avoid being left hawking their tickets in front of Soldier Field on Sunday.

On Monday January 17th, plenty of tickets were available for sale on Stubhub, TicketsNow (ties into NFL Ticket Exchange), Ticket Networks, and RazorGator. Below are # of tickets and cheapest price per ticket for at least two tickets:

***Sunday am update, the price drop ROLLS ON!!!! We broke the $300 barrier. Bears tickets on TicketNetwork now are at $267!!! These tickets are in section 442 row 29 and the lowest price all week. TicketNetwork guarantees their tickets, so unless you know someone on the street, would be a much more secure transaction. TicketsNow also has tickets for $314. Tickets at these level are pretty incredible bargains compared to Sunday at $500  – 40%+ price drop. From late Thursday afternoon to Saturday, ticket prices haven’t dropped much past the low $300′s so appears the scalpers are having to price the nosebleeds from $300-$345 to be able to sell their Bears tickets. Season Ticket holders on TicketsNow dropped prices down to $315 as game time is approaching and realizing they need to move their tickets.

TicketsNow (NFL Ticket Exchange)

Day           Tickets avail.    Cheapest Price per ticket
Monday        2,865           $460
Tuesday       3,015           $450
Wed. AM      3,055           $461
Wed. 3pm     2,951          $407
Wed. 11pm   3,152           $400
Thurs AM     3,056           $375
Thurs 4pm    3,084          $343
Thur 10pm    2,745          $340
Fri. 10am     2,596           $325
Fri.  5pm      1,710           $330
Sat 4am         1,566          $330
Sat 11am       1,433          $300
Sat 5pm         1,014          $335
Sat 9pm            826           $315
Sun 10am       466             $314

As the game draws closer and if the number of tickets available is stagnant, prices will certainly drop. I will update the number of tickets available and cheapest price per ticket each day.

TicketNetwork has been lower and the cheapest seats are now at $267.  Tuesday evening the lowest price was $432, by  Wednesday afternoon they were down to $388 – the sale is definitely on!!! As prices dropped to the low $300′s, buyers have been picking them up.

Over the same time period, RazorGator has seen the cheapest pair drop from $470 down to $343 and total number of tickets hasn’t moved much from 2,283 to 1,751. Friday am update – with the FedEx deadline passed, RazorGator has less of a selection. Best deals will be on TicketsNow and TicketNetworks.

Football ticket prices for the Chicago Bears divisional playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks experienced a major collapse. Seats in Section 107 row 13 went for $695 on January 2nd and by January 11th went for $300. Great seats in Section 239 row 9 sold for $750 on Dec. 28th and by January 14th were going for $250. Have some patience and avoid jumping the gun to early in buying your NFC Championship football tickets.

8 Responsesto “Chicago Bears Football Tickets Overpriced – now Tumbling!”

  1. Steve says:

    This is awesome! Do you guys think they will keep dropping until sat? Or do you think people are going to start buying earlier that that?

  2. Dmitry says:

    Your write-up is a good trend analysis on ticket prices, but you are not mentioning that these sites charge $60-70 per ticket to close, in addition to a $20 shipping fee. Our ticket price is above $430 right now for nosebleads using this site, if lucky.

    I still think the best indicator is eBay, since its true market value. Tickets there are going for $380-$400 each (a huge drop, like your article states, from one to days ago). I am also curious, do you expect tickets to continue dropping until game time or pick up with gametime urgency?

    • paul says:

      True – there are fees on top. For the buy it now on eBay, cheapest is at $453. eBay you can get some lower prices on the auction, but just depends if you can be there when that auction is ending and the number of tickets available is much less.

      • Dmitry says:

        Yeah, I’m at work, so watching auctions isn’t much of a problem. I agree with you, limited seating and availability on eBay. However, I was watching a few auctions and $800 for 2 tix opening bid (free shipping) isnt even getting a single bid, and ending with no bids. Do you see this continuing? (the drop)

    • paul says:

      I do think ticket prices to continue dropping at least in to the low $300′s. I believe that will start happening Friday – then will just depend how fast fans start gobbling them up.

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