Will Super Bowl Ticket Prices Drop?

They aren’t now! 2011 Super Bowl tickets did to the tune of 32% from 1-24 to 1-28 – and after going back up in price last weekend, Super Bowl ticket sales have picked up and buyers and scrambling to get what is left.   Check out the supply stats below which indicates resellers had a hard time moving their Super Bowl tickets at the higher Pittsburgh Steelers Green Bay Packers Super bowlprices but as prices moved below $2,000 last week fans bought the tickets. The increasing cost of tickets is making attending the Super Bowl for blue collar Green Bay Packer and Pittsburgh Steeler football fans quite difficult.

If your looking for 2012 Super Bowl ticket prices, click the link for my most recent blog post.

***Sunday 11am Update – Super Bowl tickets are drying up – prices keep going up. If your looking to buy, get them now. The cheapest price on TicketNetworks has gone up $1,700 in the last two days. On TicketsNow (NFL Ticket Exchange) the cheapest price was $2,400 ($440 drop from Thursday) but fans bought those Super Bowl tickets and now the  cheapest price is $4,153. Fans looking for Super Bowl ticket “bargains” need to discover TicketNetworks. Right now the cheapest price per ticket is $3,016 on Ticket Networks. Super Bowl Tickets on Ticket Networks had been down to $2,050-$2,200 earlier in the week, but there has been consistent buying which has raised prices. The snow storms in Dallas haven’t prevented fans from buying tickets. If your looking to go and want to buy from a Super Bowl ticket from a reseller with a money back guarantee, buy now as Super Bowl tickets keep going up in price.

Best Value Super Bowl seats for location on TicketNetworks. I did a quick check Saturday am for best price based on the respective location, and have listed my recommendations below (prices per ticket):

Section 410   Row 18    $2,199
Section 343   Row 6      $2,591
Section 215   Row 15    $3,087
Section 119   Row 20    $3,064
Club 237        Row 12    $5,458

After paying for Super Bowl tickets (even with falling ticket prices), travel expenses, and Super Bowl souvenir, faithful fans will need to take out a second mortgage and dip into their 401(K) account. Why stop at 10Gs when you can rent a HOF owners suite and host 25 of your very best friends for a measly half a million?

Super Bowl ticket price movement will obviously depend on supply and demand. Demand will quickly deliver three strikes… The first & second strikes result from the two storied franchises playing in Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers have top five NFL fan bases exemplified in consistent triple digit ticket reseller prices wherever they play. The third strike fittingly ties to the Super Bowl location. Although baseball’s all time strike out leader Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers made the World Series, Dallas is a Football town, period.

Super Bowl tickets have always been in short supply. Out of the 90,000 plus Super Bowl tickets, about 31,000 will be distributed between the Packers and Steelers. Another 5,000 Super Bowl tickets will go to the host Dallas Cowboys and approximately 31,000 tickets will be split between the remaining 29 NFL football teams. If your doing the math, that leaves about 23,000 tickets for the NFL to entice sponsors, media, network and media partners. Finally, a few ticket bones are thrown out in a Super Bowl ticket lottery with odds on par with Power Ball.

Chances are all of those options didn’t pan out and you are left with two choices. First, you can be risky and wait until game time and hope prices drop and the scalper on the street doesn’t sell you fake tickets. Second, you can purchase through a ticket reseller site and sleep each night knowing you have a guarantee and safeguard on your tickets. Back to our question – will Super Bowl ticket prices drop? Yes, Friday they were in a free fall as Jerry Jones is gunning for the Super Bowl attendance record which is adding more lower cost tickets into the supply pool. Currently it doesn’t appear that Super Bowl tickets will evaporate like the BCS National Championship game.

Watching the daily supply of reseller tickets and the cheapest price per ticket provides insight for knowing which way Super Bowl ticket prices will go. Below I will update the total number of Super Bowl tickets on TicketsNow (NFL Ticket Exchange) and then list the cheapest price per ticket. I will update the number of tickets available and cheapest price per ticket each day.

Date    # of Tickets    Cheapest Price

1-24         2,109               $2,609
1-25         2,229               $2,444
1-26         2,199               $2,444
1-27         2,689               $2,275 (am update)
1-27         3,004               $2,000 (pm update)
1-28         3,014               $1,985
1-29         2,434               $2,000 (am update)
1-29         2,198               $2,300 (pm update)
1-30         2,127               $2,725
1-31         2,080               $2,729
2-1           1,919               $2,848
2-2           2,043               $2,842  (am update)
2-2           1,171               $2,712  (pm update)
2-3           1,029               $2,840
2-4              489               $2,400 (11am ET)
2-4              223               $3,085  (1pm ET)
2-4              263               $3,560  (7pm ET)
2-5              100               $4,153  (11:30 am ET)

There are less tickets on TicketsNow as the FedEx deadline has passed. As the prices dropped between $1,600-$1,800 from 1-27 to 1-28 on Ticket Networks, buyers gobbled up the cheaper tickets. If you buy over $200 in tickets at RazorGator, use code ORDR20RG at checkout to save $20 (to be used later…)

One of my friends gave me some great advice years ago about buying a boat. If you can flush $20 bills down the toilet and it doesn’t phase you, then you are ready to buy your boat. The same could be said for attending the Super Bowl. Personally, I’m not quite ready for a boat or dropping 10Gs on attending the Super Bowl.

10 Responsesto “Will Super Bowl Ticket Prices Drop?”

  1. Nickie says:

    My husband is going to Dallas for the superbowl and taking our two boys. We saw the tickets in the 1600-1800 range and elected to pass thinking they were coming down. DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD BUY NOW AT $2000, or do you think they will come down again…

    • paul says:

      I doubt they will drop below $2,000 over the next 4-5 days. They may go down next Friday/Saturday, but probably same odds they go even higher by then like the BCS did. There has been a significant increase in Super Bowl ticket purchases over the last two days. Stubhub, TicketsNow, and Razor Gator tickets available dropped 32% (from 9,068 to 6,182). Over same time period, cheapest price ticket has gone up 20%. If your looking for three tickets – there are a couple of options on TicketNetwork that are priced pretty well compared to what is on the other Reseller sites given their location. There are some in Section 406 Row 5 for $2,404 and then there is another set of 3 in section 249A row 33 for $2,460. If it were me and I was already going to spend $2,000-2,200 just to get in, I would spend another $200 to really improve my seats.

      I took my son once to the final four in Atlanta, paid double what I was planning, but were much better seats and when I found out someone paid almost double the same day for the seats next to me, made me feel much better :-) Good luck.

    • SuperBowlCrazy says:

      There is a bad weather storm about to hit – I am getting concerrned I may not be able to get out of my city…I am sure others are too….wonder if the weather conditions will drive prices back down….hmmmmm, hope so!

    • Steelers Die Hard Forever says:

      I was down last year and they started dropping about $100 per hour up till kickoff all the way to $600 (for real tickets). I would say only 15% of the tickets being sold last minute were real. There’s a way to check for sure. We’re doing the same thing this year. Prepared to pay $1200 per day of.

    • Steelers Die Hard Forever says:

      Oh by the way. If they’re looking for 3 tickets together, it will be VERY difficult. They’re almost all sold in pairs or 4 together. I would tell them to wait until 1 or 2 hours before kickoff and pay about $1000-1200 (with this weather so many people couldn’t make it down). Our flight got cancelled so we had to drive from Philly to Dallas. Just got here after driving 23 hours straight. Most tickets were fake last year so be careful.

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  6. Estela Clance says:

    this is very good information

  7. super bowl tickets says:

    tickets for super bowl are really expensive

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